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Based in SW London, YES are a small professional team with an eye for detail, always striving to produce that something special.  We know the challenges that life can bring,  as we all live with a disability in one form or another, but don’t think that’s ever stopped us.


For the last 10 years we’ve been at the coalface working closely with clients, listening to their needs and conjuring up some great work together.


Our remit is to make great video, expertly produced and edited, giving lasting satisfaction.

At yes we can


From cradle to grave; we’ve worked with many charities. Maybe it’s an empathy with peoples special needs but we’ve got a passion for raising the bar for those who got dealt the short straw.


Live webcasts for any large/medium sized businesses brings increased connectivity and interaction with clients & shareholders. We ensure no one gets left behind and that everyone can have a say in the decision process.


Our multi camera format means we bring a new dimension to performance artists playing at small/medium size venues. The output broadcast live to the world gives a whole new meaning to content marketing, maximising your audience.


We’ve great experience coming up with ideas for Brand launches and raising a companies profile and its products through video. Whether its a 5 minutes taster film or even a longer documentary we are always looking at unique ways to get your message across.

Live Streaming

YES specialise in live streaming of events in full HD for an amazing viewer experience.


Produced in multi camera format for simultaneous recording and streaming, the recordings are of the highest quality and viewable in real-time on multiple platforms. Our live-edit processor removes any post production costs, allowing us to supply the full edited version of the event on memory sticks, upon its completion.


Immediate ownership enables you to embed the memory on your own website or market accordingly, helping to maximise your content marketing and audience engagement.

Our latest stream at:

Video Production

At YES, we also love to make film.


Our video and post production arm, has produced a range of films for an eclectic client base. We know what  we are capable of but tailor our service to engage the client in the creative process, to better understand their core message. From experience this partnership has worked, smoothing out complex  ideas into dynamic, informative videos.


We’ve even build an auto-cue if you become tongue tied. Check out our showreel for a taster of our work.

Our Work

At YES we’ve worked with a plethora  of business sectors ranging from conference venues, charities, estate agents and event management teams to the entertainment industry.


Whether it’s a live stream of your concert , brand launch or web-cast of an AGM, we have the resources and technical expertise to make it happen, including full synchronisation allowing viewing audience interaction if required.


In our eyes , empathy with our clients and the preparation and understanding of a project  are the key elements which allow the creativity to flow and the production of great video. We’ll also quite reasonable with our rates and won’t charge you an arm and a leg for our services.

The Team

Disability does not provide many favours to those it afflicts, bringing an increased lack of opportunity, choice and independence, testing those it visits to the hilt.


We therefore put the company together to prove a few misconceptions wrong, showing the world that we ain’t skivers but strivers and that people with disabilities are just as capable of lighting the way with their work.


Subsequently we’ve built a team of camera operators, editors and producers, all with cutting edge experience, but all with a disability in one form or another.


It’s a highly motivated team who work for each other, but will also work for you, taking great pride in our end product.

On a Mission


James has worked in broadcast from early in his career. Cutting his teeth in advertising & marketing, he has worked across numerous fields including, contemporary interior design, fundraising and the charity sectors. He's lived with Multiple Sclerosis for over 20 years, but is still enjoying the ride. In his eyes nothing is impossible in life, as long as the logistics, people and the direction of the concept or journey is agreed. Then it's just all about having a little faith in the driver to get you there.

James Coke

Managing Director

With over 18 years experience with companies like the BBC, the International Criminal Court and various in-house roles in the city, Julien has tackled an onset of Epilepsy and Type 1 Diabetes head-on by applying his skills and experience as an independent expert. Proving any negative life experience can be overcome, his knowledge and technical ability across video and post production continue to produce high quality work for our clients.

Julien Lecoeur

Creative Director


11 Kerry Court
Dairy Close

Office: 020 7348 7930

Mobile: 07888 741792